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New Year, New Look, Season Greetings!

For the regular visitors on this site, it may seems that nothing happened here since a little while. It might be true for the “Window” (no pun intended), but in the back office it was hard work during this time.

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Building a MVC 4 Web Application Tutorial- Part One, Step One

Here is the first video in this tutorial. You may have to crank up the sound a bit, it was recorded too low. Following videos will take this into account, and should have a much better sound. References: HTML:

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Building a Data Centric Web Application with MVC 4 and Entity Framework – Tutorial – Introduction

We are going to build together a web application, using the MVC pattern and Entity Framework. Data Centric because, as I come from the Clarion world, the logical process for me is to start by defining the data structure before

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5 Simple Steps to Move a WordPress Website Between Hosts

Lately I had to move a WordPress website between hosts, and I did almost everything one should NOT do (just for this paper, of course ), before taking a pause to think a little bit, and finally do that transfer properly.

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Contact Form to Send an Email to the WebMaster

Lately we looked at how to send an email from a MVC website . Now I am going to see how to inject data from a contact form, validate data entry and compose an email using this data. Create the Model As

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Presentation: WebMatrix 3 Final Version

WebMatrix 3 is available to download from Microsoft in its final version since a few weeks already, but I did not get the time to install and test it until today. I wrote about the beta version a few weeks ago,

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Authenticated REST request to the Amazon Product Advertising API using C#

Looking at samples on Amazon Associates, I have been unable to find a current example about sending an authenticated REST request to the Amazon Product Advertising API using C#, either with the API or .Net. So I took what I

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Improve loading speed for an ASP.NET MVC 4.0 application: Cache, Bundling, Minification.

It would be difficult to not notice, while you develop a MVC application, how slow the initial loading of the index page can be. Obviously, if you are using the development server, it start by loading the application before executing

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