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Introduction to MVC and goal change – MVC 4 Web Application Tutorial – Second Part – Step 1 –

In this introduction to MVC, we will be looking at this famous pattern, but first some explanations about this goal change. When I started this tutorial, I had only a vague idea about the kind of web application I wanted

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MVC 4 Web Application Tutorial – First part – Second Step – Introduction to JavaScript

There is no escape, Javascript is everywhere! Very few web pages are not using it. We are going to quickly discover what is Javascript and show a few examples of its use. In the same way than for CSS, learning

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Building a MVC 4 Web Application Tutorial- Part One, Step One

Here is the first video in this tutorial. You may have to crank up the sound a bit, it was recorded too low. Following videos will take this into account, and should have a much better sound. References: HTML:

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Building a Data Centric Web Application with MVC 4 and Entity Framework – Tutorial – Introduction

We are going to build together a web application, using the MVC pattern and Entity Framework. Data Centric because, as I come from the Clarion world, the logical process for me is to start by defining the data structure before

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