My Dream Office!

My Dream Office!


Why this Blog?

This blog’s goal is to share and help to discover my passion about programming, using new technologies serving our contemporary. At the end it’s always a story about men and women, whom heart beat, even if we tend to forget it sometimesn under the cold technics.

As nowadays Internet and Mobiles are the fields with the fastest growth, and which generate most questions from fellow programmers, they are the ones on which I am going to mostly focus.

About the Author

Bernard Grosperrin started programming many moons ago, living in the United States for a little over 10 years, he came back to its roots in late 2008.

Programming is (usually) a pleasure for Bernard,  he loves to discover new tools and methods to work.

He now performs missions in different parts of France, and also works from home, telecommuting. He is currently working on several web application projects with ASP.NET MVC 4.0, the pattern matches his programming style.

Beside technology, the Internet and programming, Bernard is a great fanatic and connoisseur of anything that flies, including gliders and models. Do not be surprised if occasionally a post on these subjects slides in between others …

The panorama picture in the header of the page has been taken with a Nokia Lumia 520, a few yards away from Bernard’s house, and show the village of Chardonnay where the famous wine grape was created by monks a thousand years ago.

By the way, if you have a project, linked to the web, with web services, database, for traditional and mobile browsers, contact him through the form below, he will always be available for an interesting project.

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